Becoming a general counselor, specialty counselor, group leader or program head at Wah-Nee is a fantastic experience that you will treasure and look back upon as a unique turning point in your life. It is an intense commitment to working with kids who will look upon you as an important role model--a big brother or sister. We are looking for super-energetic young men and women who have their act together and look forward to spending a lot of time working with children. No smoking is allowed. This year, you must be available to be at camp from June 20, 2014 until August 17, 2014.

Whether teaching an activity, running a special event, supervising clean-up or just plain being with the kids, you will actively play a key part in every aspect of their life at camp. Our expectations of you are enormous, as are the rewards for a job well done. Taking fantastic care of a child and earning their trust and respect is repaid with gratitude and true affection--a feeling that is as special as any there is. You learn so much about yourself when viewed through the eyes of a child!

We can and do conduct criminal background checks, review driving records and require personal and professional references before you can work at camp. We also require you to discuss any body piercings or tattoos with us, and will require a clear, current and accurate photograph of you for our records prior to offering a position. Finally, we are a drug-free, non-smoking and alcohol-free camp. It is very important to us that you are comfortable with and accepting of these rules, as there are no exceptions whatsoever.

Thank you for your interest! We look forward to speaking with you!


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